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This presentation was presented at OER24, on 28th March 2024, in Munster Technological University, Cork, Ireland.


Open Science (OS) seeks to apply the concept of openness across all stages of research practice. It aims to facilitate the dissemination of research at speed and to foster collaboration between researchers (Foster Open Science, 2023). OS is an essential aspect of Responsible Research Practice (ALLEA, 2017) and integral to addressing the complex problems facing the world (UNESCO, 2021). It is thus imperative that research performing organisations provide effective OS training. Anecdotal evidence gleaned over five years of OS Training provision suggests that researchers have less understanding of foundational research practices than library OS instructors anticipate. This further suggests that students do not have the necessary grounding in basic research practice to build OS understanding upon. This presentation will report on the development of an OS OER designed to address this gap in knowledge. It includes introductory content on foundational research practices and the challenges facing research culture, in addition to standard training in Open Licensing, Open Data, and Open Access. Initial uptake of the OER will be reported as well as lessons learned throughout the process of the OER’s creation. Plans for further development of the OER will be discussed.