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Vehicular Communications, Volume 30, August 2021


Heterogeneous content-based traffic distribution motivates Information-Centric Networking (ICN), where content delivery is of primary interest as a prominent solution. However, current work does not address Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning for prioritized traffic, which is required for different applications and content types. This paper extends ICN with data delivery deadline awareness and shapes the forwarding decisions to ensure prioritized packet treatment. The proposed QoS Aware-ICN (QoSA-ICN) classifies requests' priority with their QoS requirements by codifying a QoSInfo object in interest/data packets. QoSA-ICN also extends the existing NDN transmission mode to a converged best route with multi-hop multi-route forwarding, to avoid the overhead of pre-building routes in rapidly changing and dynamic environments. Furthermore, this work expands the network traffic control mechanism to optimally manage the potential impact of QoS on network congestion control. Extensive simulations results show a 3.5x and 1.2x improvement in data delivery time; and 13.5x and 4.6x reduction in packet loss when compared to DRSC-based native IP and NDN approaches, in networks of different sizes. Through simulations, we also found that QoSA-ICN reduces overall content retrieval time and packet loss while achieving a high ratio of successfully-received priority packets as compared to the existing techniques T-Move, MAP-Me and pNDN.