Insertional inactivation of determinants for Mg2+ and Co 2+ transport as a tool for screening recombinant Lactococcus species clones

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Applied and Environmental Microbiology


Insertional inactivation of the plasmid-encoded determinants for Mg 2+ and Co2+ transport, orf18/corA, provides a tool for screening recombinant clones in Lactococcus, based on the observation that overexpression of orfl8/corA results in cell growth inhibition on certain concentrations of CoCl2. The lacticin 3147 immunity gene, ltnI, was used to insertionally inactivate orfl8/corA. The resulting clones were capable of growth on concentrations of CoCl2 that were inhibitory to the parent strain. Since only 3 of 17 lactococcal starters naturally harbor cor A, the system has potential as a screen for selecting recombinant lactococcal clones. Copyright © 2005, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved.

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