Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Business (Research)


Adult and Continuing Education

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright

Second Advisor

Mr. Paul Mahony


This research focuses on Cork City and the attributes of the city, which possess the ability to enhance the tourism product, yet remain largely ignored. The study includes the opinions, perceptions and analysis of key figures in the local tourism industry. The study highlights the key promotional bodies representing Cork City as a tourism destination and their shortcomings.

The research delves into the initiatives and projects charged with enhancing the tourism product. The access providers are examined in terms of their significance and contribution to the local tourism market. The impact of the European Capital of Culture is analysed. Cork Harbour as a tourism entity and the complete lack of usage is identified.

The work provides an overview of Cork City, its competitive advantages and disadvantages in the tourism sphere, and the promotional bodies and product offerings that largely have not tapped into the city’s tourism potential.

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