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In normal condition human hair growth occurs through three phases, anagen (growth phase included about 85 % of hairs, last from 2 to 6 years), catagen (transitional phase lasting up to 2 weeks) and telogen (resting phase which last from 1 to 4 months). Natural dynamics of the hair growth process can be impaired by several factors, such as genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, aging, poor nutrition or stress, which can lead to the slowdown in the growth of hair or even hair loss. The aim of the study was to assess the hair growth promotion effect of marine-derived ingredients, hair supplement Viviscal ® and its raw components (marine protein complex AminoMarC ®, shark and oyster extract). Cytotoxicity, production of alkaline phosphatase and glycosaminoglycans, as well as expression of genes involved in hair cycle-related pathways were investigated using dermal papilla cells, both immortalized and primary cell lines. Tested marine compounds showed no evidence of cytotoxicity under in vitro conditions. Viviscal ® significantly increased proliferation of dermal papilla cells. Moreover, tested samples stimulated cells to produce alkaline phosphatase and glycosaminoglycans. Increased expression of hair cell cycle-related genes was also observed. The obtained results indicate that marine-derived ingredients stimulate hair growth through anagen activation.