Reliability evaluation of high-pincount hermetic ceramic IC packages for space applications

J. Barrett
T. Hayes
R. Doyle
C. O'Mathuna
T. Yamada
A. Boetti


The results to date of a reliability testing program for the European Space Agency on high pincount hermetic ceramic packages are presented. Results are presented from work on: application of scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) to die attach and lid seal quality assessment; the use of thermal characterization test chips and a computer-controlled thermal resistance measurement system to measure thermal impedances of ceramic quad flat pack (CQFP) and ceramic pin grid array (CPGA) packages; numerical prediction and practical measurement of electrical parasitics of CQFP and CPGA packages; quality and reliability testing of CQFP and GPGA packages; and quality and reliability testing of 20 and 25 mil pitch surface mount solder assemblies of high pincount CQFP packages assembled on printed circuit boards.