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As the crops were growing this year at Togher Community Garden children and indeed adults often asked us what we were going to do with the produce? It was partly in response to their inquiry that we came up with the idea of cooking classes for children and subsequently this little book.

We are very lucky to have a chef amongst our community gardeners. Mandie Rekaby is not only a chef but a wonderful communicator who loves children, she designed and ran the classes. For four weeks in August we relied on a simple camping stove and our novel smoothie making bike that in fact could whizz all sorts of other things. The children loved peddling the bike to power the food processor, we were never short of volunteers!

The cooking workshops were so much fun, children learnt hands on how to pick the ingredients from the garden and prepare the dishes that they like to eat. We had lovely input from parents, particularly Maria Medio from Naples who showed us how to make pizza the Neapolitan way.

The children ate the food they made onsite and some sent us photos of the same dishes they prepared for their families at home. In no time the suggestion arose that we should share this wonderful experience with other children locally and so here is "From the Garden, A fun cookery book for young chefs".

We encourage anyone using this book to visit their local community garden for fresh vegetables and fruit when they are in season. There is no comparison in terms of taste and nutritional value. This local food is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Check out the map of community gardens across Cork City inside, and find one near you. Better still grow your own! We hope you enjoy this little book.

Maria Young

Coordinator Green Spaces for Health and administrative coordinator of the Cork Food Policy Council

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Spring 4-19-2023

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Community Garden, Cork, Ireland, Recipes, Children


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From the Garden: A Fun Cookery Book for Young Chefs