The purpose of this investigation was to find out the amount of female students in third level institutions who use contraception as well as their attitude towards the availability of information about female birth control options in these institutions.

Materials and methods:

An online survey was created using Google Docs which was then sent out to undergraduate third level female students over the age of 18. All gathered data was analysed using Microsoft Excel.


The vast majority of the surveyed population was sexually active and used contraception with the most common form being a combination of the contraceptive pill and condoms. More than half of the females that use contraception believe there is not enough information available to them in their third level institutions while most of the females that do not use any form of contraception agree that sufficient information is provided in third level institutions.


This survey highlighted important issues such as the lack of information provided in both post-primary and third level settings. A more open discussion about contraception should be made available to young women, especially in colleges, as it could encourage more females to use contraception and show that there are options, other than condoms, which are most commonly mentioned by colleges, but are one of the least effective forms.