A wide range of factors contribute to an individual’s choice whether or not to register as an organ donor. The knowledge of the Irish population at large around the area of donation and transplantation is varied. A research survey was designed to be completed by third level students. The purpose of the research was to determine the most important factors that played a role in their decisions regarding opting-in to organ donation. A second aim of the survey was to determine the participants’ levels of knowledge and understanding on the ‘opt in’ donation system in place here in Ireland.

The survey was designed on Google forms and distributed online. A total of 315 valid responses were received. The findings of the survey demonstrated that education, and influence from family and friends were the major contributing factors for Irish students when choosing whether or not to register as an organ donor. Other data indicated that over 90% of participants wished to see an ‘opt- out’ donation system in place in Ireland. The latter finding suggests a need for change to the current legislation. This legislation states that the donor register is compiled from the voluntary ‘opting- in’ of donors.