Jerry Kennelly


Artificial intelligence is a misnomer in my opinion. You get out what you put in. AI seeks to simulate intelligent human behaviour in software and computers. If you consider AI software like a big database and learns along the way. It is programmed by clever humans who create algorithms which use all of the data available and process it to give a calculated result. For example, my IPhone will tell me that it’s going to take me ten minutes to drive home when I walk onto the street from my office in Killorglin. It doesn’t know I’m going home, but it’s making a good guess that I am based on the way it’s been tracking me and my driving over the past while. It hasn’t yet figured out that on an odd Friday, I turn left instead of right and cross the road to Declan Falveys Bar for a few pints and take a taxi home. Google might make a good guess, but they clearly don’t know what’s going on inside my head! Of course, Amazon use AI to predict what they think we need to buy next, Netflix on what we want to watch, and Siri finds the answers to those questions when we’re too lazy to Google.