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Master of Engineering (Research)


Electrical & Electronic Engineering

First Advisor

Joe Connell

Second Advisor

Martin Hill

Third Advisor

Noel Barry


The objective of this work is to design and build a novel topology of a micro-inverter to directly convert DC power from a photovoltaic module to AC power. In the proposed micro-inverter, a structure with two power stages, which are DC/DC and then DC/AC converters, is used. A novel MPPT algorithm is implemented and evaluated in the DC/DC converter to optimize the solar panel energy production. The new method operates with an efficiency of 97.9%, which is a 1% improvement on the standard method, and a response time of

In this research, the following approach is taken. A literature review was conducted, to identify potential converter topologies. A topology for both converters was selected by comparison of performance through simulations. Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithms were also investigated, to select an appropriate control scheme. A design for two converters was then performed, leading to a prototype for experimental verification


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