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General Relativity and Gravitation, vol 31. © Springer


Static solutions of the electro-gravitational field equations exhibiting a functional relationship between the electric and gravitational potentials are studied. General results for these metrics are presented which extend previous work of Majumdar. In particular, it is shown that for any solution of the field equations exhibiting such a Weyl-type relationship, there exists a relationship between the matter density, the electric field density and the charge density. It is also found that the Majumdar condition can hold for a bounded perfect fluid only if the matter pressure vanishes (that is, charged dust). By restricting to spherically symmetric distributions of charged matter, a number of exact solutions are presented in closed form which generalise the Schwarzschild interior solution. Some of these solutions exhibit functional relations between the electric and gravitational potentials different to the quadratic one of Weyl. All the non-dust solutions are well-behaved and, by matching them to the Reissner-Nordstrom solution, all of the constants of integration are identified in terms of the total mass, total charge and radius of the source. This is done in detail for a number of specific examples. These are also shown to satisfy the weak and strong energy conditions and many other regularity and energy conditions that may be required of any physically reasonable matter distribution.

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