Spa destinations in the Czech Republic: an empirical evaluation



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International Journal of Spa and Wellness


The Czech Republic spa industry has deep historical roots and traditions. This links to cultural and social life, high quality care and treatments. This research examines the challenges of the spa industry in the Czech Republic as they become dependent on other economies to bring new opportunities for a “Spa Brand”. The empirical element focuses on content from Healing Spas in the Czech Republic, as well as the Healthcare Insurance Companies as an important part of the sector. The approach is based on a post-positivistic method using qualitative research. Clearly, the downturn in the world economy had a significant effect on spas, not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe. Many small spas destinations are facing challenges in retaining and gaining new customers. Spas are focusing on retraining employees to satisfy increasing customers’ expectations and increase the level of service delivery. This research recommends that spas need to change their strategy in order to retain their position in the market and further develop new markets. Innovative changes in the spa sector are vital in order to sustain competitiveness in the market and gain international awareness. Future innovative measures must begin with individual spas, the Spa Association and government policies.

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