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This is conference paper was presented at the Academy of Management Conference held at Regent's University, London, 2-4 July 2019, proceedings available online:


Given the rise in popularity in the use of experiential marketing (Moderne Communications, 2014), it is timely to establish from the marketing practitioners’ perspective, the strategic approach necessary to amplify experiential events using social currency to reach a mass audience in the FMCG sector. By introducing the FMCG marketer’s perspective into the discussion on experiential event marketing, this research offers an insight into how brands are activating this marketing activity. Based on the analysis of interviews profiling fifty brands in the FMCG sector, preliminary findings suggest that the success of an amplification strategy for an experiential event in FMCG markets, is dependent on the application of a time phase approach, and the use of four critical success factors. Collectively, these findings contribute to the development of the Experiential Event Amplification Framework. This framework contributes to the gap in the literature on experiential event marketing in the FMCG sector. Given the perception that experiential event marketing is an expensive practice which can negatively impact ROI (Supovitz, 2013), this research contends that the Experiential Event Amplification Framework provides practitioners with a strategic approach, whereby the ROI of this marketing activity can become more efficient, reaching the mass audience globally.

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