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Presented at CERI2016, August 2016.


In November 2009 Ireland was subject to a severe weather event, causing widespread flooding nationwide. One of the worst effected towns was the town of Bandon in County Cork which regularly floods. The River Bandon is located in the South Western River District (SWRBD) with a catchment area of 608km2 . The River Bandon offers a positive environment for biodiversity, facilitating habitats for some endangered species. The River Bandon is planned to undergo significant river improvement works. This paper presents the findings of an extensive sediment sampling, testing and analysis programme, including for suspended and bed sediments and sediment loadings. The HEC-RAS numerical model has been developed and applied to a 7.7 km river reach from Bandon town downstream. The model has been calibrated and validated with a preliminary application to predict sediment transport conditions.