Timber/Steel Composite Members in Multi-Storey Buildings Under Fire Test Loadings

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Civil and Environmental Engineering | Structural Engineering

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Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance - Issue 3: Advancements in Civil and Structural Engineering, Part II


This paper sets out to assess the potential benefits of incorporating steel sections into timber members used in tall beam and post structures. The investigation involved identifying the tensile capacity of the members, intended as tying members in an accidental event involving a standard fire. Three-dimensional, thermo-mechanical models were developed to identify the duration timber and the timber/steel composite members could sustain the required tensile load in a fire condition. The finite element software package ANSYS was used to model the members and the results obtained compared to experimental tests carried out. It was found that the duration for which the composite members sustained the tensile load was significantly longer than solid timber members, as well as introducing ductility into the structural system.

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