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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Terra et Aqua, 115, June 2009


This article provides an overview of the dredging industry in Ireland which may be small by international standards but is of critical importance to the nation’s Ports and Harbours. Open sea disposal of dredged material is most common, but a range of beneficial uses for the coarser fraction of dredged material has been practiced. Details on different aspects of dredging in Ireland are presented including a review of current beneficial uses. A specific site at Fenit Harbour in Tralee Bay is examined to assess the potential for a specific beneficial use of dredged material using geotubes in breakwater and revetment structures. By using the dredged material that is normally dredged and disposed at sea to fill the geotubes and construct a coastal structure a sustainable and feasible beneficial use of dredged material may be achievable. This case study may be applicable to other harbour sites in Ireland.