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Geology, Geophysics and Environment, 42(3), pp.311-324.


This paper presents and applies an economic model developed for the management of dredged marine sediments. The model predicts direct project costs and direct, indirect and induced economic impacts. The model is applied to analyse the economic aspect of the specific potential beneficial use of dredged sediment for land rec-lamation in an Irish context. The model results show the potential economic benefits to land reclamation of using dredged sediment including its value as a potential substitute for quarry based material and as an alternative to traditional offshore dredged sediment disposal, where appropriate. Analysis of other sediment management ap-proaches including wetland creation, is also presented with the results for wetland creation indicating its poten-tial, where appropriate, as a valuable alternative to offshore disposal. Indicative economic benefits are predicted by the model for the different dredge sediment management approaches analysed.