Comparative genomics of Cp8viruses with special reference to Campylobacter phage vB_CjeM_los1, isolated from a slaughterhouse in Ireland


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Archives of Virology

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Campylobacter phage vB_CjeM_Los1 was recently isolated from a slaughterhouse in the Republic of Ireland using the host Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni PT14, and full-genome sequencing and annotation were performed. The genome was found to be 134,073 bp in length and to contain 169 predicted open reading frames. Transmission electron microscopy images of vB_CjeM_Los1 revealed that it belongs to the family Myoviridae, with tail fibres observed in both extended and folded conformations, as seen in T4. The genome size and morphology of vB_CjeM_Los1 suggest that it belongs to the genus Cp8virus, and seven other Campylobacter phages with similar size characteristics have also been fully sequenced. In this work, comparative studies were performed in relation to genomic rearrangements and conservation within each of the eight genomes. None of the eight genomes were found to have undergone internal rearrangements, and their sequences retained more than 98% identity with one another despite the widespread geographical distribution of each phage. Whole-genome phylogenetics were also performed, and clades were shown to be representative of the differing number of tRNAs present in each phage. This may be an indication of lineages within the genus, despite their striking homology.

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