Leuconostoc citreum TR116: In-situ production of mannitol in sourdough and its application to reduce sugar in burger buns



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International Journal of Food of Microbiology

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A marketing study revealed that commercially available burger buns can contain up to 10% (w/w) of added sugar. In order to reduce sugar and maintaining the product quality at the same time, functional ingredients and alternative sweetening agents have to be incorporated. In this study, the sourdough lactic acid bacteria Leuconostoc citreum TR116, selected for its ability to produce high amounts of mannitol, was used to produce wheat sourdough and its biochemical characteristics (cell count, pH, TTA, sugar- and acid profile, as well as mannitol production) were monitored over 48 h. The so produced sourdough was then incorporated, as a functional ingredient, into a sugar reduced burger bun system and the quality characteristics of the dough and the final product were determined. Sourdough incorporation counteract the negative effects of sugar reduction on dough properties and resulted in the same viscoelastic properties (0.423 ± 0.008) and gluten-network-development (PMT: 160 ± 12.6 s; TM: 44.0 ± 2.6 BU) as the full-sugar control dough. Furthermore, the investigation of specific volume, crumb hardness and chewiness revealed no significant differences between sugar reduced sourdough burger buns and its control. It is noteworthy that sourdough contributed to browning reaction resulting in darker crumb and crust colour (−8.2%; −9.6%) and it extended microbial shelf life of the burger buns significantly (+3.5 days). Sensory evaluation showed no significant differences in sweetness and sourness between sugar reduced buns containing sourdough and the full-sugar control. In conclusion, the incorporation of mannitol-rich sourdough fermented by Leuconostoc citreum TR116 represents a novel technological approach in the field of sugar reduction and showed high potential as a functional ingredient to ameliorate the losses of important quality parameters. Especially sourdough containing higher amounts of mannitol and lower amounts of lactate improved significantly the dough and burger bun quality.

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