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Master Thesis

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Master of Business


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Angela Wright


The Emerald Isle is fast becoming the next big hotspot for highly skilled migrants aspiring to relocate to the last English-speaking nation within the European Union [EU]. The transition from the state of being an emigrant country to an immigrant nation poses complex opportunities for the country, its people, and the immigrants who relocate in making Ireland their home. Despite a consistent inflow of skilled immigrants migrating into the country since the last few decades, policy reforms adopted in Ireland towards dependent immigrants remain reactive, lacks the backing of studies in evaluating the utilization of available skilled dependent immigrants in contributing to the Irish economy. This research investigates the utilization of existing skilled dependent immigrants guided through a constructivist approach to the ontology that employs a qualitative grounded theory method. Challenges to seeking employment and policies that govern dependents' eligibility to secure a livelihood through occupation are evaluated in this study. These include complexity in defining dependent work permits; the establishment of precise and measurable tools in assessing skill and their integration within the recruitment domain; communication dissemination mechanism adopted within the system when changes to immigrants policies are applied; and the effectiveness of the approach adopted in comparison to other Irish peers. This exploratory research is intended to encapture the interests of relevant policymakers within the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment [DETE] and Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service [INIS] to retrospect and improve policies within Ireland and maximize its economic worth.

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