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Astrophysics and Astronomy

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This article was published in the journal Advances in Astronomy on 23rd November 2010.

The authors need to make a special thank to the collaborators that physically made the camera: M. Canetti and A. Battocchio from RIALVACUUM, M. Gemma and A. Carbone from SKYTECH, G. Colombo and all their collaborators; the REM team for the filters providing, Favio Bortoletto for his valuable and decisive support in solving big electronic troubles. The authors thank F. Aceituno, C. Cárdenas, S. Castillo, J. Gorosabel, S. Guziy, P. Kubánek, T. Mateo Sanguino, J. C. del Toro and last but not least A. de Ugarte Postigo for the support during various phase of manufacturing and testing. This development was supported by Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology’s projects AYA 2004-01515 and AYA 2007-63677.


This paper covers the various aspect of design, manufacturing and commissioning of the infrared camera BIRCAM, installed at BOOTES-IR, the 60 cm robotic infrared telescope at Sierra Nevada Observatory (OSN, Granada, Spain). We describe how we achieved a quality astronomical image, moving from the scientific requirements.