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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process Analysis

First Advisor

Dr. Guillaume Huyet

Second Advisor

Dr. William Doherty


Surface metrology by structured light projection has been a standard technique in industry for many years. However, when the surface under test is reflective or specular it is impossible to use this particular method. In this instance a modified procedure called "Fringe Reflection” is used. In this technique patterns similar to structured light are projected onto a screen, located remotely from the surface, and fringe patterns, reflected via the surface, are recorded using a CCD-camera. To recover the range data of such a surface from a set of images taken, a phase unwrapping algorithm is used. For the purpose and needs of the work presented in this thesis the' ’'Temporal Phase Unwrapping'’ method was found to be most reliable and accurate. This was successfully implemented programmatically using National Instruments’ Lab VIEW (c) software. A Fully functional test-bed was assembled to demonstrate a stable and efficient system operation.


Applied Physics and Instrumentation.

Thesis prepared in association with Centre for Advanced Photonics and Process analysis CAPPA.

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