Investigation of the Molecular Basis of Resistance to Fluoroquinolones and Erythromycin in Campylobacter

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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy


Biological Sciences

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Prof. Séamus Fanning

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Dr. Leslie Cotter


Campylobacterosis is the most common cause of bacterial human enteritis in Ireland. The annual number of laboratory confirmed cases of Campylobacter induced enteritis has increased steadily since 2001 with the highest incidence being reported in 2004. Since January 2004 campylobacterosis has become a notifiable disease in Ireland. This will facilitate an increased awareness of the disease and permit more accurate statistical analysis of its prevalence. It is evident from the annual reports published by the Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) that there is a significant burden of illness caused by this pathogen in Ireland. Consequently, the importance of active surveillance, which may ultimately prevent further escalations of this disease, cannot be overstated.


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