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Master Thesis

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Master of Business


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Dr Angel Wright


The purpose of this paper is to discover can management have an impact on employee engagement. Many companies put millions into creating the best fit policies for their organization without focusing on management behaviour and how it affects employees alone. Leadership theories have evolved over the years and will continue to change from generation to generation. The evolving term of the meaning of 'leadership' suggests to the researcher that there will never be enough studies done in this field. Despite the vast amount of research done, there seems to be a paucity in the area of leadership in the manufacturing industry in Ireland, and in particular, that of 'leadership' impact on engagement in the Irish manufacturing industry. At the time the study was conceived, the researcher was employed by company X. Every employee partook in the Gallup Q 12 Engagement Survey results. However, the results were disappointing to superiors. Consequently, this lead the researcher to initiate a research study a to how management can impact employee engagement. Quantitative research was conducted in the form of a questionnaire to gain an understanding from seventy product builder and six member of management. Two surveys were distributed to product builders and management within a subsection of the manufacturing plant. Significant findings were discovered from the analysis of the survey results. The researcher found that more communication, training and development, reward and recognition, company culture, relationships with superiors and management characteristics and skills all had an influence on employee engagement levels. Through primary and secondary research the researcher found that management has an impact on employee engagement. Thus, Company X need to take a strategic approach in terms of engaging employees, while incorporating management coaching into their strategic planning in order to achieve optimal engagement levels.

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