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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts


Media Communications

First Advisor

Mr. Emmet Coffey


This research is concerned with Image and Reputation creation and management within the entertainment sector, specifically with regard to live music festivals and how a Public Relations campaign can successfully create a favourable image with its main target demographics and maintain a positive reputation and corporate identity.

The literature on the subjects of reputation, identity and event management revealed that relationship building and image management with primary groups of stakeholders can be very significant contributors to the success of live music festivals. Successful two way engagement with customers and perspective attendees of the festival can ensure the continued existence of events that are susceptible to negative effects of bad publicity and reputations.

The research methodology employed in this study was based on the discipline of qualitative research which utilised surveys and semi-structured interviews as a basis for primary data collection. The findings of the survey uncovered the feelings and emotions of festival goers towards festivals in Ireland and showed that generally people do wish to engage with festivals through social media and that positive relationships can be majorly important to both festival organisers and goers alike. The interviews conducted provided valuable insight from professionals involved with music festivals about behind the scenes thoughts, theories and applications of a lot of the themes explored in the literature of the subject

This thesis recommends that music festival in Ireland pay particular attention to achieving a positive Organisational Identity by utilising all the techniques of Organisational Public Relations including Event Management, Social Media, and Marketing Public Relations. The thesis recommends that festival organisations should strive to create a lasting positive image and reputation as a means of ensuring their continued success


Submitted to the Cork Institute of Technology in part fulfilment of the requirements for the MA in Public Relations with New Media.

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