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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts


Media Communications

First Advisor

Emmet Coffey

Second Advisor

Gearoid 0' Suilleabhain


The aim of this research study was to explore how minority sports organisations in Ireland are using social media to effectively grow and promote their sport. The researcher has analysed how these organisations are currently making use of social media and how it has benefited them in their operations. Relevant secondary literature was studied in depth along with the primary research methods that were used for this study. The research methodology used by the researcher constituted elements of both quantitative and qualitative analyses. Interviews and questionnaires made up the main research tools in addition to an action research approach as the author is involved with the social media activities of the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association.

The conclusions identified that:

• Social Media is the most effective way for minority sporting organisations to promote themselves and is already being used to good effect.

• Social Media strategies should be different and specialised for every organisation, there is no such thing as an "off the shelf' social media strategy.

• Facebook should be seen as the most effective platform for promoting these sports.

• Minority sports promoters should devote the majority of their time to social media promotion. While traditional media should not be completely abandoned, social media offers far more return for the time and effort spent.

• Social media will grow in importance and evolve as time moves on. The sports promoter should continually evaluate how they can make the best use of new developments in social media.


A dissertation submitted as part of the program of study for the award of Masters Degree (M.A.) in Public Relations with New Media

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