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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

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Emmett Coffey


“No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgements are wrong. Only racists make them ”.

Elie Wiesel (a writer, professor, and political activist) (Wiesel).

In recent months, events occurring in sport involving Luis Suarez, John Terry and Michel Morganella (Swiss athlete sent home from Swiss Olympic team after a racist tweet) have drawn attention to the continual issue of racism in sport and its stubborn refusal to listen to the calls of countless progressive campaigns. Irish sport seems to not be exempt from racist behaviours, such as Eamon Zayed, Lee Chin both suffered abuse on the pitch in their respective games and more recently Gael Clichy being racially abused on the pitch from the stands. The study was conducted to analyse campaigns by SARI, to determine is evaluation important in a campaign, can social media be beneficial for SARI and Non Profit groups and determine is public relations important for non profits.

A qualitative research design was employed and the method for obtaining primary data was through semi structured interviews. The information was sourced by conducting interviews with those working in the PR industry or for anti racism organisations. They were selected on the basis of their insight and knowledge on the topics of racism, public relations and public relations related topics and on social media. For secondary data, analysis of academic books, websites, and online databases (e.g. Wilson Web, Ebsco Host etc) were used by the researcher.

The research findings illustrate a number of areas. It shows how Social Media is impacting on non profit organisations in general, what campaigns the group SARI does, how evaluation is important in campaign work, and is PR useful for these kinds of organisations (NGO’s).

It can be concluded that there are advantages and disadvantages to these kinds of organisations and similar ones adopting social media, while some have implemented successfully, there are still problems associated with it. The evaluation process will be evaluated and stress the importance for it in non profits.

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