Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Masters of Science (Research)


Applied Physics & Instrumentation

First Advisor

Dr. Guillaume Huyet


Coupled laser systems have application in everyday modern life, including for example, telecommunications and cryptography. Therefore it is important to gain insight into the dynamic processes at work and theoretical modeling can elucidate such processes. The work presented in this thesis is primarily concerned with aspects such as excitability and phase locking in mutually coupled oscillators. Phase-only delay-coupled oscillator models are introduced to demonstrate excitability and it is subsequently shown that similar processes can occur in a low-dimensional variation of these models. Further, delay differential rate equation models also exhibit excitability and these are explored and contrasted with another, similar, low-dimensional model.

Bifurcation analysis is used to show that the structure of parameter-space underpins the various dynamic processes in coupled (Class B) laser systems. The underlying bifurcation structure is shown to be responsible for excitability (saddle-node on a limit cycle) in each of the models studied. Further bifurcation analysis is used to explore the number and nature of higher frequency steady state solutions and the related modes (both stable and unstable).


This thesis is presented in candidature for a Master’s degree.

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