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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts


Media Communications

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Mr. Emmet Coffey


The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate the significance of social media and the use of website in the planning of an event. In any industry, communication is vital to the development process. This communication is especially important in the event planning industry. Communication with suppliers, civil servants, clients and general publics is an element of every event. Promotion falls under the communication process. This promotion can be done via: press releases; fliers; posters; word of mouth; traditional media and social media. Social media is a growing importance in relation to the promoting of events.

Those who have worked on the subject of social media being important for planning events include Nigel Jackson, Laurence Carter, N. Skye McCloud, W. Glynn Mangolda and David J. Fauldsb, Stephanie Marcus and Ben Parr. These works will be covered in the Literature Review section. These authors have analysed that social media and a company’s website helps in the promotion of events.

What has not been done is the placing of significance of how vitally important social media and a helpful website is to the planning and promotion of an event. This research project aims to uncover the how social media and a website benefits an event, in the event planning process.

This thesis will proceed by critically analysing the works of others on the subject of social media in the planning of an event. This will be followed by my background theory of why social media is a significant value in the co-ordinating of an event. How information on social media being significant to events was found will be presented in the research methods section. Three case studies of events in which social media played a significant role will be compared and contrasted and then discussed. My conclusions of my theory in which social media is significant in planning an event will finish the thesis.


Submitted to the Cork Institute of Technology in part fulfilment of the requirements for the MA in Public Relations with New Media.

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