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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


This research has found that, as a consequence of the recent changes in the approach taken globally to foreign direct investments, Irelands existing model for practice is under threat. This research has focused on the future sustainability of Irelands foreign direct investments and the feasibility of introducing changes to the existing model for practice at local and national levels. Positively, this research has also found that Ireland offers many corporate advantages, including a competitive cost base, a young and educated workforce, low tax regime, membership within the European Union and it remains to be one of the most attractive locations for foreign direct investment. This research has found that Irelands current foreign direct investment strategies are going through a difficult transition period, particularly with the uncertainty of Brexit. As part of this study, 70% of participants interviewed believe, that Ireland is currently not ready for a large influx of business from Britain.The Governments recently announced Project Ireland 2040 program, has been welcomed by all sectors as a strong commitment and this research recommends, that the program needs to be mobilised quickly to alleviate the existing concerns and uncertainty within the foreign direct investment sector, due to global changes but also other sectors, effected by Brexit.

This research has found that the critical areas of focus to ensure Ireland remains competitive within this sector are, a revised planning policy to expedite the planning process for both domestic and commercial projects, another recommendation is to act immediately to address issues with the Government current approach in progressing critical infrastructure projects. The next recommendation of this research is that the indigenous sector needs to have a more structured Government policy to ensure, that Ireland can support future foreign direct investments. The researcher is hopeful that this study will contribute to the existing body of knowledge, as there appears to be a lack of academic material related to the sustainability of Irelands and other countries foreign direct investments policies.

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