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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)



First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


This study is based on teleworking in the Irish private sector. The aim of the research study was to assess the impact teleworking has on work-life balance, motivation and performance levels of employees working within the private sector of Ireland. The researcher had a keen interest in the research topic due to two major storms that hit Ireland during late 2017 and early 2018. Storm Ophelia was one of the worst Atlantic hurricanes on record to hit Ireland in 50 years (Siggins, 2017). Storm Emma hit Ireland at the end of February and start of March 2018, this storm was a combination of snow and high winds which created blizzard like conditions (Coleman, 2018). Storm Ophelia and Storm Emma (Beast from the East) forced many employees to work from home for several days. For many of these employees it was their first experience working from home. While for others it was the first-time they worked from home over a long period of time. The aim of this study was to look in depth at the experiences and opinions employees have whilst working from home and if it impacts their work-life balance, motivation and performance levels.

A quantitative research approach was taken as part of this study which was carried out using a survey. This approach was taken to gather both data and employee’s opinions to see whether any trends emerged in relation to their work and family boundaries, motivation and performance levels whilst working from home. The use of survey monkey allowed the researcher analysis the data through graphs and charts while also gathering the participants opinions and experiences of teleworking through open-ended questions.

Conclusions were drawn, outlining that teleworking does have a positive impact on work-life balance, motivation and performance levels of employees. Although there were mixed opinions presented as to whether teleworking would be beneficial on full-time basis. Many participants commented that if teleworking was completed removed it would have a negative effect on motivation and productivity amongst workers. Overall, it was clear to see the high levels of positivity surrounding teleworking and how this impacts positively on employee motivation and productivity. Teleworking also has a positive effect on employee well-being, employee work life balance and job satisfaction. In addition to this if employees are more motivated and have increased levels of productivity it is likely to also have a positive effect on the employer in terms of retaining and attracting staff This study will be of direct benefit to employees, educators, policy makers and HR professionals.

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