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Master Thesis

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Master of Business


Adult and Continuing Education

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Dr. Angela Wright


This research was undertaken in Derichebourg Multi services to gain an understanding of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and improving the customer service are important as this serves to create loyal customers in the business, since market competition has increased. If a company fails to respond to the customer needs and expectations, the satisfaction will not be provided and so customers will lose loyalty to the company and may eventually change the companies altogether. Thus, the importance of customer satisfaction and related subjects has been highlighted in this research. Satisfaction causes have been identified and the recommendations made to increase the customer satisfaction for Derichebourg Multiservices.

To understand customer satisfaction in a service company, the researcher interviewed eight different Derichebourg Multiservices clients. The majority of the clients emphasized that they feel loyal to the company if they receive good customer service and they are satisfied with the service.

The results show that service companies who deliver a good service create satisfied customers, leading to a greater customer loyalty. This can be achieved by implementing strong supervision, on-time delivery of the products and transparency in invoicing. It has been also concluded that by improving the customer service, a positive impact has been made on customer satisfaction and the development of customer loyalty, while they are using the company services.

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