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Doctoral Thesis

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Doctor of Philosophy


Biological Sciences

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Dr. Helen O'Shea


This study reports the detection and molecular characterisation of group A rotavirus circulating in the south of Ireland in both the bovine and human population. Characterisation of the group A rotavirus was carried out through the extraction of viral nucleic acid in faecal specimens collected from hospitals in the Cork and Waterford area and Cork regional veterinary laboratory from 2006-2009. Other gastroenteritis viruses characterised during this study include adenovirus type 41, and the newly identified gastrointestinal virus, human bocavirus, which was identified for the first time in Ireland during this study. The human bocaviruses identified in children in the south of Ireland include three out of the four identified species, namely human bocavirus type 1 (HBoVl), human bocavirus species 2 (HBoV2), human bocavirus species 3 (HBoV3).

In this study, the possibility of isolating rotavirus from foodstuff using magnetic capture beads on an automated capture system, Pathatrix, was investigated in combination with cell culture of the post pathatrix beads in MAI 04 cells, to allow for identification of the recovered virus through detection of its cytopathic effect on the cell line.

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