Date of Award


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Master Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Arts (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

First Advisor

Emmet Coffey

Second Advisor

Frank O'Donovan


This study aims to explore the public relations (PR) tactics that non-profit organisations (NPO’s) are using in their fundraising campaigns. The two case studies that were researched were the Cork Simon Community and the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. (IGDB) The lack of current research into this topic as well as the changing nature of NPO’s and the PR industry was of great interest to the author, thus prompting the idea for this study.

The literature review defines PR, media relations and fundraising whilst providing the opinions and perspectives of professionals on the topic in question.

A qualitative research design was chosen and the sub-methods selected to gather date were case study analysis, documentation analysis and semi structured interviews. The interviewees were chosen due to their involvement with the chosen case studies and their knowledge and expertise in the areas of PR and NPO’s.

I'he research found that NPO’S are having to change their PR and media relation tactics to suit the current sociological and economic climate. NPO's are struggling to cope with these changes but are in the process of implementing strategies to put in place in the future to help them cope, should the situation get any worse.

The PR and media relation tactics used by NPO's in their fundraising campaigns are cheaper and less creative but the findings have shown that this hasn’t meant that they are less effective. As a result of the research findings, the author recommends that all NPO's should structure their PR tactics around their chosen audience and to maintain a strong relationship with the media.

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