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Master Thesis

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Master of Business


Department of Continuing Education

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Dr. Angela Wright


The selection of glazing and windows is an important element in the architecture of a building in terms of both aesthetics and practicality. Other related issues include sustainability, and the potential effects of glazing selection on the environment. It is essential that glazing experts contribute to the design process at an early stage in order to maximise the efficiency of the windows while still allowing architects to create their visions and unique buildings. This study focuses on the current systems used in the window selection process for the Cork region, and will propose changes based on the findings of the research.

The findings of this research illustrate that there is a need for the participation of glazing specialists early on in the design stage of building projects, and that without this participation, not all the window selection process criteria will be examined by design teams. The findings of this study show that, currently, there is a lack of knowledge in relation to glazing among those who will have the most influence in the selection of glazing in the Cork region, and more importantly, that there is a tendency to defer the decision on glazing to a point which is too late in the process.

This research therefore, recommends a change the window and glazing selection process in order to provide early access to the knowledge which is currently lacking, by the inclusion of window company representatives earlier in the design process. This paper makes recommendations that further research is carried out to establish the knowledge held by the key personnel in window and glazing companies, that the current study should be repeated in other regions of Ireland.

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