Development of a software cable model for transmission line fault location and identification using pseudorandom binary sequences (PRBS)

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Master Thesis

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Master of Engineering (Research)


Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Richard A. Guinee


Power and telecommunications transmission lines rely on the standard offline Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) test method of single pulse transmission for line fault diagnosis, which suffers from noise pickup and attenuation degradation with long distance fault coverage. The proposed PRBS fault finding mechanism relies on its unique spike-like autocorrelation (ACR) property in the fault response cross-correlation (CCR) evaluation, to build a unique characteristic signature for (a) fault location and (b) identification in transmission line systems. PRBS testing utilises a random coded series of pulses which are reflected by an impedance mismatch as a correlated ‘magnified’ response distributed over the entire test sequence, to identify a transmission line fault and it location. The proposed research is targeted towards the application of PRBS identification for transmission line systems and the development of a software cable model for numerical simulation with validation using measurement data obtained from the Tyndall Institute.

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