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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Computer Science


This study was an investigation into some of the pedagogical and practical issues that need to be considered when using ICT, with particular reference to post-primary schools. This investigation was prompted by the introduction of broadband into Irish schools in the next twelve months. Resources need to be developed that are subject specific and relevant to the Irish curriculum. The principle learning theories were examined and their pedagogical implications for post-primary teachers were discussed. The definition of learning styles was explored, different measurements were looked at and several internet based inventories were examined. The VARK questionnaire was administered to a transition (4^^^ year class. The term computer self-efficacy was examined and an action research survey based on computer self-efficacy was given to staff and students in the researcher’s post-primary school. The four components involved in using ICT were examined - content, students, teachers and technological tools. The practical implementation of the thesis involved the development of an interactive resource. The recommendations include:

• the appointment of a multimedia resource developer in each Teacher’s Centre

• subject teachers, through their organisations, encouraged to submit specifie subject content to the resource developer which would be developed into an interactive resource

• school based training on the curricular use of ICT

• creation of an online library of clip art, sound and video clips that post-primary teachers can use in the creation of subject specific resources

• development of an alliance between third level colleges and teachers to develope curricular specific multimedia resources.

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