Date of Award


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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Carol O'Shea


An in-depth questionnaire was sent to the twenty seven second level schools in Kerry. Results were then analysed and compared to similar results obtained by Aidan Mulkeen in his statistical report of the ICT 2002 Survey. An online class on Preparing for College was designed and developed. This class was delivered to three second level schools in Kerry who had shown an interest in taking part. None of the three schools had the ICT facilities required to accommodate such a learning environment. All students were required to fill out an online questionnaire in order to determine their reaction to the course. One of the schools expressed such an interest in e-leaming that the researcher agreed to bring the class group into the Institute of Technology Tralee and mn the class properly there. The researcher sought feedback on this session and compared it to the reaction of these students following their initial experience of e-leaming when the class was mn in their own school. These students had a much ore positive result to e-leaming. Having analysed the questionnaire it was shown that ICT facilities in Kerry schools were on a par to second level schools nationally in 2002. The facilities were not effective enough to host a learning environment. Each school in Kerry waits in anticipation for the introduction of broadband while the majority of schools feel that a major input in funding is require in order to move forward and become part of the Information Age.

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