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Master Thesis

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Master of Business


School of Business

First Advisor

Dr. Angela Wright


Cruise industry has presented an energetic and lively development in recent years. However, the research conducted in Ireland on the topic of Cruise Tourism is inadequate. This research study aims to close a gap in the Irish tourism literature, as there was no other similar research previously done in Ireland. The researcher intends to find what is relevant and meaningful for the present and future cruise tourism in the Cork region, from the perspective of the key stakeholders. The author hopes to provide the relevant officials with a background in the cruise tourism in Cork and enlighten them on the potential of Cork Harbour. The current thesis is the result of a two-year research journey, a requirement for the completion of the Masters of Business. This investigation was exploratory In nature, and the author aimed to understand the research topic from the perspective of the contributors participating in the interviews conducted as part of the primary research. The researcher has chosen a single qualitative data collection technique to answer the research questions and achieve the objectives of this study. The views of the participants to this research are presented and used to elaborate on the findings and recommendations of the current study. The present study has found that Cork is not entirely aware of its potential in the cruise market. Local businesses have difficulties trying to capitalise on the cruise tourism market. This research identified the key stakeholders in the region and noted their desire to sustain the development of the sector considered as beneficial for the area. The author has found that Irish Ports are competing and recommends coopetion to grow Ireland as an independent cruise destination. This research has identified the potential of the Port of Cork to achieve a home port status and attract turnaround cruises into the region, a major Income generating factor for the area. Therefore, the author concludes that a well-considered joint strategy needs to be embraced and funded to position Cork as an engaging, charming, secure and appealing cruise destination.

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