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Master Thesis

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Masters of Science (Research)


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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Dr Henry Lyons


The rapidly expanding cut foliage industry in the South of Ireland aims to satisfy the demands of an exacting market requiring well furnished quality stems for use in the manufacture of foliage and flower bouquets. The studies examined, in detail, aspects of pruning and nutrition of genera currently important to this evolving industry. Recommendations for the optimum time of pruning Eucalyptus pulverulenta and Pittosporum tenujolium are given. Pruning regimes for Eucalyptus parv,folia and E. glaucescens, Pittosporum tenufolium, Ozothamnus rosmarinfolius ‘Silver Jubilee’ and Rhododendron ponticum were examined and guidelines on best practices are outlined. A nutrition experiment to examine the effect of nitrogen and potash on the yield and quality of Eucalyptus glaucescens showed no beneficial effect of applying fertiliser to this species where soil pH was low.

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