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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

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Emmet Coffey

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Frank O'Donovan


The gaming industry in Ireland has changed greatly in the last 20 years. The way in which we communicate has also changed greatly in this time due to technological advancements. This advanced technology has greatly changed the way in which the gaming industry works, as there has been a massive increase in popularity in recent years thanks to the advent of online gaming.

This study aims to examine and gain an understanding of the public relations and marketing tactics being promoted by both game developers and the organisations that supply them. It also assesses the overall impact the gaming industry has had on Ireland.

For the purpose of this study, qualitative research was carried out by way of four semi-structured interviews with gaming organisations and two online interviews with experts well versed in the gaming industry.

The findings of the research conclude that gaming continues to be more popular than ever before in Ireland, and that it is essential to have a PR and marketing team in the background during the promotion of new products in the launch process.

Recommendations are also offered for the future, in order for PR professionals and marketers to capitalise on the current gaming industry boom.

There are a wide variety of options available to the PR and marketing department, none of which are necessarily right or wrong — the important thing is coming up with innovative ideas in order to capture the interest of potential customers.

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