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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Business Studies

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Mr. Michael Walsh


As a result of undertaking this study, the researcher hopes to be able to draw conclusions about the practical relevance to small manufacturing firms of the marketing planning concepts set out in marketing literature by writers such as Kotler, McCarthy, MacDonald, Stapelton and others.

This study examines marketing planning in small Manufacturing firms - SMFs - in the Irish Counties of Cork and Kerry.

The essential aims of this study are to try to determine:

(1) How marketing planning is carried out by companies in the target group;

(2) Contrast marketing planning practice among the target population with recommendations for market planning practice as set down in the literature:

(3) Analyse the reasons why any deviations from recommended practice occur;

(4) Determine perceptions of management in target firms of the difficulties and weaknesses in their firm’s ability to carry out the tasks associated with marketing planning:

(5) Draw conclusions about how typical small firm marketing planning problems might be addressed.

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