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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


Applied Social Studies

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Dr Joe Moynihan

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Dr Tom O'Connor


In Ireland today, it is recognized that the Reflexive Practitioner is the dominant paradigm within the district of Social Care and the approach of professionals is obtained through the traditional ways; whilst Social Pedagogy is still a relatively new import with only a couple of organizations operating across the country. Both disciplines work with the same general clientele and have similar goals for the clients with whom they work (Lalor and Share, 2013). The professional approach of both disciplines was unfastened and discovered throughout this study. Social care professionals focus on the protection of those in their care. Along with planning the provision of their care, and psychological support, and advocating for those who cannot (Social Care Ireland, 2018). Where it is believed that social pedagogy although very similar can be considered to have an unconventional approach (Stephens, 2013). This study explored the support structures in place for the clientele, and professionals who work with and for themselves. Subsequently, this research considered, ‘An Exploration towards the emancipation of practice within social care’ and discovered more. Essential to this research were the in-depth semi-structured interviews that were utilized to obtain the relevant data for this piece. For this study, the researcher focused on those who worked within the residential and aftercare services in Ireland. The researcher did not just target participants with certain qualifications within each discipline solely but sought out their longevity in their practice as well. It was that concentration that enriched this research seeking why & how they have managed to stay within a system that many on the inside and outside have deemed to be flawed and broken.

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