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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


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Dr. Angela Wright


This research study is an examination of Wisetek; an organization that has expanded from their head office in Cork, Ireland into the North America, Asian and the MENA region. This study is particularly focused on analysing the data centre hubs of Frankfurt and Amsterdam, a market where Wisetek do not have a presence and are looking to explore the region further. The growing problem of E-waste defined in this research, and the benefits of the services that Wisetek offer of managing E-waste, is a solution for data centres. Wisetek was founded in 2007 by Sean Sheehan and is a provider of end to end information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services. Wisetek are leaders in the circular economy and their services to clients include global site audits of IT equipment. Wisetek remanufacture IT equipment by dismantling systems and recovered components that are reusable, are then remarketed to approved buyers. Defective or non-usable components are responsibly recycled to the R2 standard. Wisetek provide onsite and offsite data erasure and disk shredding services for data security. Wisetek’s services are used by IT hardware manufacturers and data centres.

E-waste is a term given to waste generated by electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). E-waste was estimated globally in 2014 to be 41.8 million tonnes and is one the fastest growing waste streams in the EU, with some 9 million tonnes generated in 2005, and expected to grow to more than 12 million tonnes by 2020. WEEE raises a dual problem for the environment; on one hand, the composition of WEEE is highly toxic and represents a serious threat to the environment, on the other hand, there are precious materials that can be recovered from WEEE; materials that can be used in the production of other goods. Reverse logistics encompasses such activities as the movement of returned products, facilities to accommodate returned items, and overall remedy the process for returned items. Reverse logistics is mainly the backward flows of used products from consumers to producers. Remanufacturing brings the benefits of availability, economics and security, energy savings, and reduction in the need for dirty processes. The estimated value for all manufactured products in the remanufacturing intensive sectors is €1.5 trillion. The four key regions estimated to account for some 70 % of remanufacturing value in Europe are Germany, the UK & Ireland, France and Italy. Germany undertakes the most remanufacturing by a significant margin, making up almost a third of the European market.

This research study recommends that Wisetek adopt an innovative approach through their strategic decision making to transfer their competencies into the data centre hubs of Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The strong presence that Wisetek have in other key global regions must be enhanced into the European market. Wisetek has developed, through operational excellence, in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, ISO standards, and R2 Certification. Cross cultural dimensions theory relating to international business communication must be addressed while financial competency needs to be developed. Wisetek must develop their financial strategy for attracting investment to incorporate a strategy of expansion through acquisitions for faster growth to increase the value of the organisation for the shareholders.

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