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Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


School of Business, Humanities & Social Studies

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Dr. Muiris Ó Laoire


This research is based on a rural parish, Inagh-Kilnamona, in mid North Clare. It deals with its physical hinterland, its people, past and present, its history and folklore. Over the centuries, its people have moulded the land. The buildings and infrastructure represent man-made heritage and although the area would have been described as ‘wild’ some hundreds of years ago, it has been transformed by man into being what it is today, a modem place with a modem society, a changed society but still deeply rooted in its past.

The time has come to excavate the past by research to give to posterity what will be a reference for our present people and for future scholars. Thus, a narrative has been produced. It is the story of a “simple” people steeped in religious faith and tradition, whom whenever tested, have shown resilience, facing adversity with courage and dignity. It is these societal attributes that need to be recorded and preserved for posterity.

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