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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Institute of Technology Tralee

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Ms. Sheila O'Mahony


This research project looks at Fear appeals as a method of communication. It is an evaluation of the use of this method based on a number of criteria. These criteria look at differing aspects of fear appeals which form the basis of the evaluation. Issues such as ethics, involvement of the audience, credibility and the level of fear used are all examined in a bid to determine the overall perceived effectiveness of this form of communication.

The first section of the project examines the research question and the objectives which the research hopes to achieve in order to arrive at an answer to the research question. These objectives acted as a guide in order to arrive at a stage where conclusions could then be drawn.

In the following section fear appeals and their foundations are explored. They are then discussed in great detail under a number of subheadings from the point of view of previous research that has been carried out by authors in the area. This acted as a guideline in order to determine what areas needed to be examined as well as examining what has previously been stated and then determining if these previous research findings could be applied to an Irish context.

Following this section is the methodology chapter which outlines how the research was conducted and what methods were available in order to conduct a research project of this magnitude.

The following three chapters then discuss the research findings. Firstly in the findings chapter the results are outlined and then in the subsequent chapter these results are then discussed with regards to what has previously been said by the gurus in this area. Finally the research project is concluded and recommendations regarding improving fear appeals and road safety campaigns are outlined, recommendations regarding future research are also outlined as a guide to future research in the area.

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