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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


Cork Institute of Technology

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Dr. Angela Wright


Managing risk has always been to the fore, in the CIT (Cash-in-Transit) industry. An accelerated rate of change and increasing market risks, now face the sector. ATM (automated teller machine) servicing is an important market segment for CIT firms. Despite turbulence in the banking industry since the recent financial crisis, the ATM market has remained resilient. The desire for new levels of bank branch automation has been driving technology development in the ATM industry.

The author undertook qualitative research to determine how the customer value proposition for ATM services could evolve. ATMs are an important component of the overall cash supply chain. By reviewing existing literature, a greater appreciation of the cash supply chain was developed. The method of cash delivery to ATMs was recommended for future research by academics, one of many gaps in existing literature. The primary research involved interviews from thirteen international experts, who have experience in the ATM market from a customer or supplier perspective.

The key findings from this study reveal that banks experience different conditions in the ATM market, in comparison with IADs (independent ATM deployers). Notably, this study has found that extensive opportunities exist for CIT firms to reduce the cost of cash for their customers. Holding a unique position in the cash supply chain, CIT firms can exploit their logistical capability to enhance the value proposition in the provision of ATM services. Furthermore, this study has identified an alternative and more comprehensive approach to measure the efficiency of the cash supply chain. It is also evident from this study that in order to meet changing customer needs, CIT suppliers must significantly alter their current business model.

The findings from this primary research will add to the existing body of knowledge in relation to cash supply chain optimisation in general. A greater understanding of CIT operations, especially during the provision of ATM services are also accomplished with this research. X

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