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Master Thesis

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Master of Business (Research)


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Dr. Angela Wright


This research study is an examination of the current state of the Irish automotive industry, which is being reshaped by the imminent shift to electric vehicles. This transition is designed to assist in solving Ireland's air quality and environmental challenges in line with the worldwide move to combat climate change. The research topic of the decarbonisation of the automotive industry determined the research question: "Decarbonising the Automotive Industry: The Future for Irish Motorists". This inquiry focuses on private cars owned for social, pleasure and domestic use. Secondary research was completed to verify the most prevalent and current existing information. A qualitative approach was applied to investigate gaps in observed literature to discover new, empirical findings and answer the research question in this study. In-depth interviews were conducted with industry experts to reveal new views and perspectives from principal authorities impacted by changes in the Irish private transport sector. A key finding of this study is the challenge of ensuring that the residual values of current vehicles are not negatively impacted by the transition to electric vehicles. It is shown that some Irish motorists should not currently adopt an electric vehicle, where such a vehicle would not meet their range needs. Additionally, the Irish government should focus on reducing the quantity of pre-Euro 6 petrol and diesel vehicles on Irish roads, rather than pushing the increased adoption of electric vehicles, as the most effective method of reducing carbon emissions from the Irish motor industry. This study will be of benefit to Irish motorists, car dealers, members of the Irish automotive industry and government policymakers.

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