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Document Type

Master Thesis

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Master of Arts (Research)


School of Business

First Advisor

Dr. D. O'Donovan


The purpose of this thesis is to examine the topic of Performance Management, especially focusing on the non-management Performance Appraisal. The value associates place on the performance appraisal is assessed along with the views from both management and non management on performance appraisals. Organisations are very mindful of the important role employees can play in the success of their business and of course, in the reputation within the local market, therefore developing associate is vital for a number of reasons.

For this thesis, semi structured interviews took place with 23 associates, which consisted of management and non-management associates. The main purpose of the interviews is to gather the views from associates with regard to the entire current non-management performance appraisal process that is presently used within the Cork Call Centre.

The majority of the feedback was positive, but some concerns were raised with management and non-management. The subject of ratings was raised on more than one occasion, which included, the relevance of the current ratings, an unachievable rating and the overlapping of percentages, which in turn, grant the merit increase, were all put into question. The lack of a matrix or guidance for managers on how to calculate the current percentage increase was also stressed as an area of concern for the managers.

Unstructured follow up was also highlighted during the interviews which will be explored further. It was suggested that the Individual Development Plan, which is currently part of the performance appraisal form, is not appropriate for associates who have longer service with the company.

When each participant was asked about their knowledge of better performance appraisal systems, there was some very positive feedback referring to the current process being sufficient and the interviewees showed that they believe in the current system. If the company make the suggested changes mentioned in this research, this may result in higher associate engagement and in turn benefit the company in achieving their long term strategy.

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